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CHIC Solid Shelving Closets

Melamine is a great choice for home-office set-ups, entertainment centers, pantries, bookcases, and play-rooms as well as clothing closets. Because of its flexibility, it is a perfect choice for kidís closets, too. Melamine adds the warmth of wood with the versatility of wire shelving.  It is sturdy and durable for displaying heavy items. Melamine won't bubble or peel, but is easier to maintain than solid wood or veneers. We use three-quarter inch thick industrial grade thermally-fused melamine-board. Each piece is edge-banded with a 3mm thick radius edge which prevents chipping and peeling.  Every system is custom built to fit your space.


 Your clothes closet is a major contributing factor in how you start your day.  If you feel rushed in the morning, perhaps itís because you stand there wasting time surveying your wardrobe.  Before attempting a closet makeover, you need to take stock of your entire wardrobe and schedule uninterrupted time to complete the project.  Now is the time to be ruthless about items that are wasting precious space. 

             The first step in getting organized is to assign each closet in your home a specific unique function.  Go through your closet and give each closet its ďjobĒ.  Then, one closet at a time, go through and remove any items not related to its newly-assigned function.  But before putting  everything away, stop and ask yourself: Does the closet need painting?  Vacuuming?  Do you want to install another shelf? Repair the rod?  How about adding a double clothes hanger and decreasing your single hang space? Would you like robe or hat hooks on the internal walls or door?  Do you need a shoe rack?  Is there enough lighting?

             In order to keep your closet clean, you should go through all of the clothing items in your closet and dressers and evaluate them.  Ask yourself, is it in style? Does it fit?  Is it worn out?  Have I worn it in the past two years?  Next, sort the remaining items into categories: shirts, pants, blouses, skirts, dresses, jackets, and suits.  Then organize your dresser drawers by asking yourself the same questions as you did when you went through your closet.  Your new closet will definitely save you time.  Youíll know exactly where to find things and, better yet, where to put them back. Click on a picture below to see samples of closet material in use. 

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